While our primary focus is working with Automotive Dealerships across the country, we also embrace other industries.

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Somerset Patriots

? Creative production for event driven marketing, re-branding and awareness campaigns.

? Strategic planning, organization and execution of media plans.

? A combination of traditional and digital advertising to increase ticket sales to existing and potential fan base.

? Overall highest attendance in the League 2016 and 2017.


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Old Glory Kitchen + Spirits

? Strategic planning to increase clientele through use of Social Media, Email Campaigns and other media

? Develop and execute creative campaigns for Events as well as Daily/Weekly Specials

? Facebook Followers: 4,286

? Instagram Followers: 3,261


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McDonaghs Pub

? Strategic planning and execution to increase patronage

? Utilize Social Media, email campaigns as well as POP displays for awareness of events and food/drink specials

? 4.4 Star Rating – Open Table

? Facebook Followers: 9,942

? Instagram Followers: 3,862

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Phoenix Productions

? Develop strategies and execution of Social  Media plans to promote awareness of show schedules

? Build awareness of special programs offered through press releases and other social media outlets

? Strategic planning and execution of marketing plans to recruit cast members for upcoming shows

?Facebook Followers: 3,342

? Instagram Followers: 1,200